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Fun Addiction Recovery Methods That Work

The Problem with Addiction Treatment Today

A 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals that among 20.2 million Americans aged 12 and older, only 908,000 reported seeing a need for treatment for illicit alcohol and drug abuse. Of the 908,000, about 65.2% did not seek treatment. James R. McKay of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania argues that there must be “sufficient incentives in the [treatment] environment to justify the effort needed to sustain long-term abstinence.” (1) Despite improvements in research and development for the treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders, treatment progress has been modest at best, particularly with regard to long-term outcomes (McKay, 2017). In many rehab centers, the treatment model only focuses on treating the symptoms of substance use disorders rather than providing rewarding experiences that clients will carry on long after they complete the program.

Effective Evidence-Based Solutions Are Surprisingly Scarce

The few who do seek treatment for alcohol and drug abuse receive inadequate care. Evidence suggests that most health care providers are insufficiently trained to diagnose and treat addiction, and those who do provide addiction care are not medical professionals. The study underscores the disconnection between mainstream medical practice and addiction treatment. In her book, Inside Rehab, the author Anne M. Fletcher discusses comprehensive therapies that are scientifically validated but underused. She addresses myths in recovery and comments that the “short-term fix mentality partially explains why so many people go back to their old habits.”

Holistic Therapy for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At premier dual diagnosis treatment centers like New Method Wellness, substance use disorders are approached with integrated care, where clinical evidence-based practices (EBPs) are combined with adjunctive holistic therapy. The holistic approach to addiction treatment naturally reinforces positive outcomes for clients while providing them a meaningful outlet for creativity and imagination. The recovery journey becomes more rewarding and therefore more valuable, which significantly improves treatment outcomes for long-term sustainable recovery.

How Holistic Approaches Make Recovery Fun

Imagine using your favorite hobby or bonding with your favorite animal as part of your journey to wellness and recovery! Such therapies do exist, like equine therapy, wolf-assisted therapy, and surf therapy. Each type of holistic method has been scientifically proven to help people overcome addiction to alcohol and other drugs. You get to select the form of a holistic method you want, and New Method Wellness provides a wide variety of options to choose from:

Yoga Therapy
Nutritional Counseling
Equine Therapy
Surf Therapy
Wolf-Assisted Therapy
Sand Tray Therapy
Art Therapy
Adventure-Assisted Therapy
• Hypnotherapy

About New Method Wellness

New Method Wellness is accredited by CARF International and the Joint Commission, which means that anyone who seeks treatment for addiction will receive exceptional services from all staff members, ranging from board-certified substance abuse counselors, licensed addiction psychiatrists and therapists to friendly administrators and case managers. Unique to New Method Wellness is their 3:1 staff-to-client ratio, which ensures that each and every person who graduates from our Intensive Outpatient Program, Residential Care Program or other Dual Diagnosis programs will enjoy long-term recovery. Noted for the effectiveness of their programs, New Method Wellness has been featured on Dr. Phil, National Geographic, US News & World Report and other noteworthy media.


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(1) McKay, J. R. (2017) Making the hard work of recovery more attractive for those with substance use disorders.
Addiction, 112: 751–757. doi: 10.1111/add.13502.

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