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At New Method Wellness we not only treat the addiction but also the underlying behavioral health issues that fuel the addiction. We are one of the nations most highly accredited dual diagnosis treatment centers. At New Method Wellness you’re not a client; you’re family. Our caring and compassionate wellness team are ready and fully equipped to address your needs and help you reclaim your life. We utilize evidence-based methods in our practice and have a very high success rate because of it. Take the first step by filling out the form below.

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I am truly grateful for New Method Wellness. I knew if our son did not get treatment he would either in up in jail or dead. The staff at New Method Wellness had such a positive impact on him. He has gained weight and gets up early, working every day. He smiles and laughs, which is something we haven't seen in a while. He made lifelong friends and enjoys visiting. It's been about 5 months since he returned home, he has had his ups and downs on his road to recovery. Clearly, the good days outweigh the bad.

Judy Knapp
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For me; it was truly an amazing experience and has brought me back to being “Judy” again. At first, I seriously thought it wasn’t for me but as time passed; I learned so much about me, my traumas, my addictions, and I cried and cried. Today, I am sober strong and cherishing life by being in the present moment. I have much more gratitude for life today as well as a better understanding of the power of A.A., being grounded, and connected to my higher power.

Judy Bushnell
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The staff at New Method Wellness were so professional and treated me like family at the same time. Everyone knew my name the minute I walked through the door. They helped take care of any of my personal business which could have be a distraction to my recovery. The facilities are so clean and beautiful and they took care of everything including medical, food and personal needs. I loved the program and the activities. The individual counseling I received was top-notch.

Suzanne Muller
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New Method Wellness saved my life. After years and years of struggling with drug and alcohol dependency, several stays in various treatment centers, I found New Method Wellness, and it changed everything for me. New Method gave me a safe, loving environment to work through childhood trauma. I was broken when I went there, zero hope left. The staff, as well as Ed, Susie, and Deanna loved me until I could love myself. Today, I have a little over 15 months of continuous sobriety.

Genea Marquez
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New Method Wellness foremost truly cared about my recovery and continues to follow up on the status of my well being. Top notch educated and loving staff, 5-star facilities and housing is just an added bonus to the program. I was blown away as I and each client were assigned two personal case counselors. Treatment was molded to fit my needs and individual personality. I feel extremely grateful to have made the decision to build my recovery foundation with New Method.

Jon P
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New Method Wellness helped me get my life back . Today, I am 6 months sober and life is beautiful again. The councilors, staff and owners are amazing people. I've been treated respectfully and kind throughout the whole process. They helped me address my LGBT concerns as it related to my recovery. The aftercare program is just as amazing as the residential program. Thank you for showing me another way and how to learn to love myself again. I highly recommend New Method Wellness !!!!

Tommy Nunnelee
+1 (866) 951-1824