NEW METHOD WELLNESS DOES NOT ENGAGE IN ANY FORM OF MISLEADING OR DECEPTIVE PRACTICES in its online marketing, public relations, advertising, or collateral promotional materials. Further, we will not participate as an advertiser on “funnel” websites, bogus treatment directory sites, or so-called “rehab reviews” which misrepresent their objectivity to users or readers. New Method Wellness is family owned and operated; we rely on the strength of our past and present performances as the true measurement of our program offerings.

NEW METHOD WELLNESS DOES NOT MAKE OR RECEIVE ANY FINANCIAL PAYMENT OR REMUNERATION FOR PATIENT REFERRALS. Further, New Method Wellness does not support or refer to any other programs which engage in these practices. We encourage clients, families, and referents to visit our program in person in order to see our facilities up close and to experience the vitality and spirit of our community for themselves. Simply put: The closer you look, the better we look.

WE DO NOT ADMIT CLIENTS WHO ARE NOT CLINICALLY APPROPRIATE FOR OUR MILIEU. We recognize the limitations of our model of care and we consistently refer clients and families who are not appropriate to other programs. The decision to atypically discharge a client from our care is a clinical determination made solely only on the basis of what is best for that client and for the community as a whole. Ultimately, we will always place the safety and well-being of our client community above the wants or needs of any individual within it.

WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN A LA CARTE PRICING, ADD-ONS OR NICKEL-AND-DIMING OUR GUARANTORS. Fees for services are all-inclusive and always include greater, not less, value and services than advertised.

NEW METHOD WELLNESS BELIEVES A COMMUNITY OF SOBER MEN AND WOMEN OPERATES BEST IN A CULTURE OF ABUNDANCE. Qualified providers; clean and well-maintained vehicles; immaculate facilities. We treat all our clients and their families with dignity and respect.

AT NEW METHOD WELLNESS, MARKETING IS FUNDAMENTALLY ABOUT PROVIDING EXPOSURE FOR OUR PROGRAMS AND SERVICES TO FAMILIES, PROFESSIONALS, AND PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS. We strive to accurately convey the day-to-day activities of our treatment center. We are a “what you see is what you get” community.

NEW METHOD WELLNESS DOES NOT PRETEND TO HAVE A MONOPOLY AS THE ONLY HIGH-QUALITY PROVIDER IN THE U.S. We strive to build, strengthen and maintain relationships with other key providers across the United States that have proven to represent themselves accurately, ethically, and with the client and family’s needs as the chief priority.

New Method Wellness is happy to share with any family what we have learned about the amazing work that other providers are doing.

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