At the individual level, the addiction therapist familiarizes himself with the client’s personal characteristics as well as the client’s sphere of influence. Through advanced active listening, the counselor is able to show empathy for the individual by relating to his emotions accurately. When the client sees that the counselor seems to understand where he’s coming from, he begins to divulge more details and a trust relationship begins to form. The counselor’s ability to read verbal and nonverbal cues is essential to the success of these individualized sessions; together, the therapist and client can reach the following objectives:

Accountability in Individualized Treatment

During the course of treatment, the client’s progress will be monitored by objective measures, such as urinalysis tests. The addiction psychiatrist will strongly encourage the client to be open and honest about near-relapses as the client learns to develop effective strategies to cope with stress and problematic situations that may trigger a relapse.

What to Expect

Each person’s path to recovery is unique, but there are definitive stages of recovery you can expect with individualized counseling. The stages are as follows:

When an individual advances from the first to the second stage, they become more confident about their abstinence from substance abuse and begins to make significant changes in his lifestyle choices. In the second stage, though the person may recognize and curb their cravings, there’s still a chance of relapse, which would revert him back to the early recovery stage.

At New Method Wellness, our 3:1 ratio strategically minimizes that risk of relapse. Every single client is paired with two licensed professionals to address substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. In our Extended Aftercare program, we offer a lifetime alumni aftercare program which allows clients to attend groups every Thursday at no cost after completing our residential program. This gives them the opportunity to stay connected and celebrate milestones while also checking in with their counselors for guidance and support. For our clients who return home to another state, we make sure they are connected with counseling services in their local areas. For accountability and monitoring services, we have follow-up counseling sessions via skype.

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