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New Method Wellness, A Program Built Upon Family Values

Learn about the underlying values and philosophy that drive the New Method Wellness Staff and help maintain the continued success and sobriety of their clients.

Find Out What Wolves Can Teach Us About Recovery

Learn how Wolf Therapy can cause great breakthroughs in substance abuse disorder. Discover what you can learn about yourself by interacting with a trained Wolf alongside experts.

Explore How Surfing Can Help Lead to a Path of Sobriety

Former Counselors, Eddie Mendonca, CADC-I and Thomas Chevolek IV, CADC-I explain why surf therapy is great for mental and physical healing when treating substance abuse.

Find Out What Motivates and Drives Our Wellness Team

Listen to Juanita Wells, CADC-II, ICADC as she explains what inspires and motivates the Wellness Team at New Method Wellness to continue to make treating substance abuse disorder their life work.

Discover How Nature and the Outdoors Can Help You Find a Path to Sobriety.

Discover why nature and the outdoors is such a fundamental element in treating substance abuse disorder. James Shoffeit, CADC-II explains how New Method Wellness’s Adventure Therapy program helps their clients discover a path to sobriety.

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