What is Addiction Psychiatry?

Addiction Psychiatry is a branch of mental health care that addresses the treatment of substance-related disorders caused by intoxication, substance withdrawal, misuse/abuse, and dependence upon legal and/or illegal substances. A relatively recent development in the branch of medicine, Addictionology combines evidenced-based treatment and involves multidisciplinary teams in the treatment of substance use disorders.

How It Works

Evidence-based therapeutic techniques such as pharmacotherapies and behavioral therapies are used to treat addiction to opioid, tobacco, alcohol and other substances while treating spectrum disorders and co-occurring disorders (also known as dual diagnosis disorders). Some of the techniques include the following:

Types of Disorders

Individuals who come in for substance abuse treatment often need dual diagnosis treatment for disorders that may be associated with drug or alcohol abuse.

Medication Management is the administration of medicine under the supervision of an addiction psychiatrist who ensures that the symptoms of the disorder are treated while preventing addiction to prescription medication. Often used for long-term treatment for opiate addiction, medication-assisted treatment manages withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The purposes of medication management are described below:

Psychotherapy, a form of professional therapeutic interaction, involves the use of psychological methods to assist a person in changing his ways and overcoming problems to achieve the desired results. The multifaceted benefits of psychotherapy can be seen in various ways, such as:

New Method Wellness highly emphasizes individualized treatment with a 3:1 ratio for all clients. Each client benefits from having two therapists who focus primarily on his or her wellness. This 3:1 ratio, unique only to New Method Wellness, is responsible for the high success rate for our clients who have benefited from our psychotherapeutic techniques which include group therapy, family behavior therapy, and one-on-one sessions.

About Dr. Randall Turner, D.O. – Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Randall Turner is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Having earned his Medical Degree from the distinguished Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Turner then completed his Psychiatric Residency training at the prestigious Loma Linda University.

At New Method Wellness, he brings his expertise to treat a number of issues to including Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Memory Disorders and a variety of general Health and Wellness Concerns. Kind and compassionate, Dr. Turner embodies the spirit of the New Method Wellness culture, delivering a hands-on experience that benefit the overall wellness of each and every client. Married with four children, Dr. Turner is a talented musician who enjoys reading, bird watching, and traveling.

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