As the name suggests, Wilderness Therapy uses the context of nature and experiential education to improve behavioral health, particularly in those who struggle with depressive mood disorders, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Safer than what most might think, this adventure-based therapy has successfully treated alcohol and drug addiction with very low risk of physical injury, compared to high contact sports such as football or even daily activities like driving.

How It Works

This outdoor behavioral health method separates people from their usual environmental surroundings which may be filled with triggers such as negative social influences, the presence of drugs in one’s environment, feelings of loneliness and social isolation, and/or the threatening presence of toxic relationships. Adventure-based therapy includes, but is not limited to, individual and group counseling, development of important life skills, leadership training, and plenty of healthy exercises and nutritious meals.

Adventure-based therapy is also ideal for people who have trouble expressing themselves verbally. Experiential therapy, or experiential education, is more about therapy through activities and movement rather than talking. Clients can enjoy activities like hiking, rock climbing, and other nature-based exercises, which help lower their guard, allowing the addiction therapist to observe their behavior patterns that he would not otherwise see in a traditional office setting.

Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

Connecting with nature helps troubled individuals to reflect on their destructive habits and enables them to take full responsibility for their lives moving forward. Numerous research studies show positive results as participants show visible signs of increased self-esteem and diminished anti-social behavior. Acting as a catalyst for long-lasting change, the power of nature produces the following benefits:

New Method Wellness is a premier dual diagnosis treatment center in South Orange County. Our successful holistic and evidence-based therapy programs have earned Joint Commission Accreditation, which is quite rare among substance abuse treatment centers. You can rest assured that our compassionate and highly skilled team of licensed addiction psychiatrists, counselors and therapists are here to assist you and your loved ones on the road to transformation and life-long recovery.

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