The Resurgence of Methamphetamine: Crystal Meth

While the rest of the world is talking about the opioid epidemic, communities are skating on thin ice as Meth users are increasing their dependence on the most powerful form of methamphetamine: crystal meth, also known as the “ice drug.” Compared to cocaine and heroin, crystal meth is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and therefore more accessible to drug users. Closely resembling ice crystals and dubbed as the drug of Rural America, meth is seen as a greater threat than the opioid crisis in Southern California, according to law enforcement officials. Despite the decline of domestic methamphetamine labs in the United States, Mexico is pumping massive amounts of methamphetamine through its borders and the ice drug is available now more than ever, spiking up death rates that exceed those of heroin-related deaths, according to the New York Times.

What does crystal meth do to you?

Also known as shabu, d-meth or crystal, the ice drug wreaks hideous havoc on the skin, especially on the face, chest and upper arms. Meth users feel crawling bug sensations under their skin which cause them to scratch and pick at their faces until sores become lesions. This crawling sensation is known as Ekbom’s syndrome, a form of psychosis that is usually associated with, but not limited to, long-term meth users. Crystal meth abuse leads to tooth decay by drying up the mouth, leaving behind acids that are normally neutralized by saliva. What you have left is a mouth full of cracked and rotting teeth (or missing teeth) and red, swollen, receding gums. Aside from these visibly horrible effects on your appearance, the ice drug has other consequences, such as weight loss, insomnia, and obsession with repetitive behavior (e.g., excessively carrying out a task, pulling things apart and putting them back together, and intensity of concentration on other meaningless tasks).

When meth addiction gets dangerous

It’s dangerous to approach loved ones while they are high on crystal meth. The period of intoxication can last anywhere from a few hours to days and weeks, depending on the dosage. At various stages of the meth “high,” the user may experience delusional paranoia, hyperirritability and aggression, which render users dangerous to their loved ones. Numerous studies have revealed a strong link between domestic violence and crystal meth users.

Dual diagnosis treatment can restore functions and reverse effects of Methamphetamine

Studies show that methamphetamine dependent individuals who have abstained from usage for more than six months have shown improvement in decision-making and mood stability. New Method Wellness, a premier dual diagnosis treatment center in Southern California, approaches meth addiction by integrating holistic therapy with evidence-based practices that are clinically proven to reduce drug cravings and minimize relapses. Often recommended by Dr. Phil, New Method Wellness’s programs help individuals achieve lifelong recovery long after they complete a treatment program. The Extended Aftercare alumni program nourishes important relationships that will steer social influences in a positive direction, and graduates come out of treatment with new and improved coping mechanisms and stress management skills that will carry them through a lifetime.

Need help reaching out to a loved one?

If you are unsure when to approach a friend or family member, you can call (866) 951-1824 for guidance. An experienced and friendly outreach coordinator will help you lead your loved one to the addiction treatment he or she needs. The initial approach can be pretty scary if you are not sure how your loved one may react, but rest assured, New Method Wellness has a talented team of clinicians who are ready to walk you through every step! One of the nation’s best centers for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, New Method Wellness has been featured on the Emmy award-winning A & E’s Intervention and the Dr. Phil Show.

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