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Finding a Rehab Center in San Juan Capistrano, CA

A Fresh Start

Addiction hurts everyone; your entire family, parents, children, and friends. This, in turn, hurts you. The deep pain of seeing your loved ones suffering as a direct consequence of your addiction is usually enough to help you want to seek out addiction treatment.

When deciding to go to alcohol and drug addiction rehab, you not only save yourself from addiction, but you save them as well. Once you have this life-changing decision under your belt it’s time for the next step; getting more information on drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities and choosing the right one for you. 

When choosing an addiction treatment facility you should be focused only on your own needs. It is hard to run away from the monster if you are running in place and when you decide on a rehab center in your own town, you are doing just that. When you could make a call to get picked up by your buddy and have a ride outside in ten minutes, the temptation to leave is massive. That’s why most people recommend choosing a rehab center away from the easy exits and drug dealers. 

Experts say that choosing a rehab away from home is a great idea and that it can have a significantly positive impact on your success rate. By distancing yourself from triggers, memories, and negative people, you are less tempted by the drug dealers and toxic relationships that could lead to relapse. This can also aid in gaining perspective and helping you to better recognize toxic relationships and situations. Sometimes, taking a step back is the best way to see the bigger picture as a whole. Without an easy way out, you have a higher chance of a positive success rate for your addiction recovery. This makes it easier for you to stay and spend the necessary amount of time in a high-quality facility. 

The level of quality of the location and facility you choose will also have a large impact on the outcome of your recovery. Your home might not have the best facilities or treatment options for you specifically. Everyone is different and there are multiple types of therapies and programs that have helped people overcome addiction. It is important to find the type that is right for you. If you don’t limit yourself to one set location then you have successfully granted yourself access to literally hundreds of thousands of different treatment centers all across the U.S. 

A change in scenery, achieved through a different environment, has an effect on the way you feel as well. For example, the sensation of peace that is commonly felt while laying on a white sandy beach, or listening to a babbling brook while immersed in the forest. Using nature to combat addiction is a form of therapy all of its own that has proven to be successful for a while now, and it is called ecotherapy, or nature therapy. So, ideally, a location that has great scenery that you can escape into during the hardest parts of your recovery would be the best for producing a successful outcome. 

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The Beauty of San Juan Capistrano California

Nature trails with brilliant stretches of green and timeless beaches on a dazzling ocean, and weather that can’t be beaten make San Juan Capistrano, California an ideal location for addiction recovery treatment.

A comprehensive drug or alcohol addiction rehab treatment program provides the best results when treatment and therapy are utilized together. In San Juan Capistrano, you have access to vast amounts of beautiful nature trails and parks where you can easily discover the benefits of ecotherapy, better known as nature therapy, among hundreds of different treatment options to choose from. Making this location even more ideal is the fact that many necessities are accessible within walking distance. 

This serene city is a leading location for those looking to find high-quality recovery from addiction. Those that are looking for their best shot in finding recovery from their addictions have traveled from their homes to this beautiful city in Southern California, where they found true freedom. 

In San Juan Capistrano there are a plethora of rehab facilities and 12-step meetings to choose from. The reason why there is so much variety when it comes to the rehab centers in this South Orange County city is that it is a popular part of the country for people who are looking to find rejuvenation through the beauty of nature. After choosing San Juan Capistrano as your rehab destination, you need to decide which facility to trust with helping you to the finish line in this life-altering journey. After checking with your insurance provider, which is the first thing most people would do when starting this decision process, you should research the quality ratings of the facilities that you are considering.

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Choosing New Method Wellness

New Method Wellness has been featured and referenced in hundreds of prominent news articles, such as BESTLIFE, Healthline, CNN, and more for their vast experience on navigating the path to recovery, this drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility is a cut above the rest, helping thousands of determined people- just like you- defeat the monster for good. 

Unlike other treatment facilities, New Method Wellness is a dual diagnosis treatment center. This is a method of treatment where both substance abuse and mental health disorders are treated simultaneously. It is hard to tell which comes first, the addiction, or the anxiety and depression, but tackling both of those issues together is makes New Method Wellness’ program especially effective. Our goal is to help the patient as a whole. To reach this goal each patient is compassionately cared for by highly-experienced therapists that are assigned to create an individualized recovery plan for the patient. 

Unlike other alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities, New Method Wellness offers more than just the run-of-the-mill treatment methods. We offer unique and creative holistic options to propel you on your path to wellness: surf and wilderness therapy (ecotherapy, or nature therapy), wolf-assisted therapy– yes, this involves real wolves- cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, and many more. 

Featured on Dr. Phil, New Method Wellness was given this complement by the famous talk show host. “Talk about a top-shelf program… I mean, wow these guys are good.” -Dr. Phil. This is a huge compliment that carries a lot of weight among the rehabilitation community because Dr. Phil makes a great living off of giving advice that millions of people have found helpful.

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New Method Wellness was also named a center of excellence by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health where they work hand-in-hand with a network of facilities that are providing the highest quality of mental and behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatment for athletes and their families. 

The path that you are traveling is not an easy one to follow and the staff members at New Method Wellness know this. That is why when they combine their unique training methods and professional experience together to combat your addiction with a personalized wellness plan, they also add in the secret ingredient that has been boosting their success rates through the roof; family. At New Method Wellness they are all about family and when a patient enters one of their 30, 60, or 90-day programs they strongly encourage the patient’s family to come to the facility and take part in the recovery process. 

When you are fighting something as difficult as an addiction, having the right atmosphere, methods, and dedicated therapists can and will make all the difference. We understand that when you choose to stand up and fight that you don’t do it just for yourself, you do it for your friends and family. The dedicated staff at New Method Wellness in San Juan Capistrano California wants to help you succeed in achieving a life of successful recovery. Contact us today to find out what programs they have to offer that might be perfect for you.

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