Too much stress on the job

Too Much Stress on the Job? Learn Holistic Approaches to Manage Anxiety

Songs have been written, books have been authored and praises have come out of the mouths of celebrities about this wonder drug called Xanax, the “most popular anti-anxiety drug in America” as dubbed by New York Magazine. As jobs become increasingly demanding, employees are resorting to Xanax to cope with insurmountable pressures at work. Before colleagues gather around conference room tables and discuss the most pressing matters of the hour, they pop a few Xanax pills to relieve their anxiety and maybe share their secrets with one another about how they are able to sail through deadlines and endless meetings.

According to a case study conducted in New Zealand, results showed that participants with no prior history of depression or anxiety developed mental health challenges by the time they turned 32, and half of those issues were attributed to workplace stress. Workers reported chronic fatigue, problems with concentration and decreased productivity, thanks to long hours, high workloads, and demanding supervisors, among other contributing factors.

As Xanax and other benzos rise to popularity in this pill-popping culture, New Method Wellness proposes a holistic and healthier way to manage anxiety without getting addicted.

Ease Your Stress with Mindful Meditation

An article published in Harvard’s Health Blog reports findings from a research study conducted by Johns Hopkins University. The objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of meditation programs designed to reduce stress-related outcomes such as anxiety and depression. They found that mindful meditation not only eases psychological stresses but also reduces pain.

Want to learn a few meditation tips?

• Focus on one single point. Find a candle flame or picture to look at. Sit in a quiet place where you can hear your breathing. Think of a mantra you can silently repeat to yourself if you’re at work. Concentrate your awareness on that one thing whenever anxious thoughts or fears start streaming through your mind. Let go of those thoughts and fears by directing your mind back to the object of concentration. You can do this five minutes at a time (if you’re new at this) and work your way up to 10 or 15 minutes at a time.
• Be more aware but don’t judge your thoughts. When you notice feelings of anxiety sweep over you, take note of the thoughts behind the anxiety. Don’t judge your thoughts and experiences as “good” or “bad,” but simply take note of when these thoughts happen so you can start to see a pattern in your thoughts and emotions.
• Take a walk somewhere, preferably scenic. If you can’t get away from your office, take a 10-15 minute break to walk around the perimeter of your building. Walk at your own pace, but in between each step, try to take a deep, full breath.

Need Help with Xanax or Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms?

If your doctor has prescribed Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin or some other type of benzodiazepine to help you deal with stress at work, you may have trouble trying to wean yourself off the drug. Withdrawal symptoms could last anywhere from months to years, and you might experience the following:

• Insomnia
• Irritability
• Panic attacks
• Increased anxiety
• Sweating
• Palpitations
• Muscular pain
• Nausea
• Cognitive impairment
• Memory loss

New Method Wellness, a premier dual diagnosis treatment center in South Orange County, helps individuals overcome their dependence on benzos as they transition from reliance on prescription drugs to more holistic ways of coping with stress and anxiety. You can choose from a variety of holistic programs ranging from meditation to yoga and acupressure/massage therapy.

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