5 best sober brand t-shirts

5 Super-Awesome Sober Apparel Brands

“Your best days are ahead of you. The movie starts when the guy gets sober and puts his life back together; it doesn't end there” - Bucky Sinister

Why are we writing a post about sober apparel?

Let me ask you a better question: why not?

Getting sober has been the biggest awakening in my entire life; not because I have refrained from Jell-O wrestling, frequent blackouts, and crying while watching How I Met Your Mother because I wanted friends…

Rather, I finally became a part of something bigger than myself! Having a sense of community and essentially ‘belonging’ to a community was what I longed for my entire life.

When I left rush-week at UCLA without a bid from any sorority, I was completely devastated. Why? Because I wanted to be a part of a community!

When I lost the elections for freshman school president in high school, I was devastated. Why? Because I wanted to be a part of the activities community!

All of my major depressions in life can be directly associated with my feelings of loneliness and need for true companionship.

When I got sober, it was kind of like I had ‘automatic friends’! I was projected into this community of people who loved me and wanted what was best for me: sobriety.

If I could say one thing to the world, it would be: “Sobriety isn’t just a way of life for alcoholics and addicts; it can change anyone’s life!”

These 5 sober and mental health apparel brands focus on eliminating the stigma around sobriety, alcoholism, mental health, and addiction. They have started a movement, which is dedicated to changing people’s perception of addiction and mental health, opening up the door to not just suffering alcoholics and addicts but all people who suffer. They say: “Come and join us! This way of life is kick-butt and we want everyone to know about it.”

I say, let’s go for it! Join a movement, and feel a sense of community with not only your close sobriety friends but also with the entire world.

1. Party Sober

Party Sober Logo

Website / Facebook / Instagram

What are these guys all about?

Party Sober is less about the clothing and more about a lifestyle.

Every time you turn on the TV, you are swamped with beer and vodka commercials. The actors in these commercials are never drinking alone, with no lights on, crying themselves to sleep (like I was); generally, they’re with their friends at the beach or at a bar, laughing and smiling like it’s no big deal.

You see, there is a glorification of alcohol in society, and that’s exactly why Party Sober established a brand around “(of) people who want to exemplify a better life for themselves and for others.”

Their motto: Stand proud. Stand sober. 

Example Clothing
peaceHand-486x605_party_sober punx mockup-486x605_party_sober


All of their apparel is tagged with sober humor or slogans. Other shirts say things like: “Never Hungover,” or “Drugs Aren’t Cool,” etc. You get the gist; basically, they have awesome apparel for the sober community.

2. New Lyfe


Website / Facebook / Instagram

What are these guys all about?

In simple terms: breaking the stigma of alcoholism and addiction.

New Lyfe believes (accurately) that they are a clothing line of fighters; all of us have a unique and equally miserable story to share with the world. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t have stopped drinking or using if things were running fabulously…

Unfortunately, alcoholism and addiction are looked down on, as a ‘poor life choice’ or a ‘weakness,’ which is not at all the case. We are fighters, dangit!

This really passionate lifestyle brand believes in strength, confidence, independence, and helping one another… Essentially, the four pillars of their company.

Let’s break the stigma!

break the stigma

Example Clothing

Fear_is_a_liar_New_Lyfe going_against_the_grain_new_lyfe

These shirts manage to look completely awesome and powerful at the same time. It’s not just a recommendation to check out this brand, it is more of a suggestion…

3. Sober is Sexy


Website / Facebook / Instagram

What are these guys all about?

These guys need little words to describe what they’re all about; the name speaks for itself.

Sober is totally sexy.

Whether you’ve personally been affected by addiction or alcoholism, or you just know someone who has suffered, this clothing is for you.

Proceeds from each order go to a highlighted recovery center to help with the fight against addiction and alcoholism.

Example Clothing

sober_is_sexy_1 sober_is_sexy_2

4. Doing it Sober

Website / Facebook / Instagram

What are these guys all about?

Doing it sober has unique designs from Daniella’s spiritual journey in Recovery. T-Shirts that make her think and represent her love for the “Sober Warrior” in all of us, doing the deal to treat the disease of Alcoholism and Addiction. Tank tops with quotes and sayings used to help get us through 24 hours a day, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Example Clothing

sober_af_doingitsober Sobriety_Society_doingitsober

5. The Sober Hipster


Website  / Instagram

What are these guys all about?

Empowering women in their journey of recovery + creativity.

Their motto: You matter.  Your story matters.

Example Clothing

the_sober_hipster_tee1 the_sober_hipster_tee2

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