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New Method Wellness is an substance abuse treatment center located in an oceanfront community of Orange County, California.

New Method Wellness takes a holistic approach to recovery, providing affordable medical detox, primary care, dual diagnosis, trauma treatment, extended aftercare, outpatient treatment, and family outreach. Whatever your needs, we will accommodate to make your recovery process as comfortable as possible.

We accept PPO insurance plans for full payment and will gladly process your claim.  
We also have 0% Financing Available To Help With Treatment Costs as an added benefit.
CARF Accreditation

Our Programs

At New Method Wellness, we have a program for everyone. From our primary treatment program to our extended aftercare, our clients are provided with ample opportunities to develop healthy recovery habits. Located near the beach, New Method Wellness is the perfect spot for beginning your recovery journey.

Primary Treatment Icon

Primary Treatment

Our primary treatment program is catered to our clients who prefer detoxification and longer-term rehabilitation. The length of our primary treatment programs range anywhere from 7 days to 90 days.

Dual Diagnosis Icon

Dual Diagnosis

Our dual diagnosis program focuses on addressing co-occuring disorders. Common co-occuring disorders include: ADHD, depression, OCD, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Our dual diagnosis program ensures individualized care for each client.

Executive Treatment Icon

Executive Treatment

Our executive treatment program is catered to the business professional who may not be able to completely detach from their professional lives during their stay at treatment. We understand that a one-size fits all does not apply when it comes to treating substance abuse.

Family Group

Family Group

Our family group treatment program is catered to re-building healthy family relationships between our clients and their families. Family members are invited to attend group therapy sessions, and participate in various exercises targeted at establishing healthy boundaries and rebuilding trust.

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program is generally catered to our local residents or determined after initial evaluation. Clients in outpatient treatment will attend the center 5 days a week with access to all of the facilities available to our inpatient clients.


Extended Aftercare

Extended Care

Extended aftercare services for positive growth after treatment and primary care can be imperative to successful lasting recovery. We offer sober living options for clients, extended care counselling, and more. 

Our Facilities

At New Method Wellness, we firmly believe that environment is a contributing factor to recovery success, which is why we carefully hand-pick our homes. Each of our houses is just a short walk from the beach, with lavish interior, full amenities, and plenty of patio space in order to produce a peaceful and serene environment. 

Why Choose New Method Wellness?

At New Method Wellness, we believe you need something different. We combine holistic treatment methods, tried-and-true behavioral therapy, compassionate counselling, and a family-style setting to provide a healthy recovery environment for our clients.

Behavioral Therapy Methods

Behavioral Therapy Emphasis

At New Method Wellness we believe that substance abuse treatment can be contained with the right approach. All of our counselors practice behavioral therapy methods, with great success.


Beautiful Sober Living Homes



We offer beautiful living options for all of our clients. Each home is full of homey interior and beautiful views. 

Highly Trained Staff

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff is extremely talented and highly trained. We carefully choose our staff to create a compassionate and exceptional team.

 Beach Front

Beach Front Properties

All of our properties are either beach front or have a beautiful ocean view. With such a peaceful ocean nearby, we want to make the most of it. 

1:1 Ratio

1:1 Staff to Client Ratio

At New Method Wellness we believe that each client should receive specialized care and attention throughout their stay. We provide this care by our 1:1 staff to client ratio.

What Makes New Method Wellness Unique?

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