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Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse & Addictive Behaviors

Substance Abuse Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Detox – Alcohol Abuse Drug Rehab

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The New Method Wellness center for addiction treatment has the answers you need to heal your life and start living again. Situated in beautiful San Juan Capistrano, on the coast of Southern California, the center offers a serene space for clients to begin recovery. Medical detox, primary care, dual diagnosis, trauma treatment, extended aftercare, outpatient treatment and family outreach with children’s programs are all part of the of the holistic approach that we take.
At New Method Wellness, we understand that there is no singular approach to recovery. We know that the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders are as different as the people who have them and therefore, we believe, addiction treatment must be tailored to the individual. For that reason, we structure our program so that the specific needs of each client can be met.
With a reputation for exemplary care, New Method Wellness is much more than just an addiction treatment center. Our methods have proven time and again to stop substance abuse and addiction, and start the process of healthy living. With a focus on positive mental, emotional and spiritual growth, our extensive therapeutic advances are combined with holistic methodologies like yoga, equine therapy, meditation and acupuncture, as well as optional 12 step meetings, to support the recovering addict in their path to healing.
Regardless of whether it is you or someone you love, substance abuse, behavioral addiction and co-occurring disorders destroy the lives of everyone. You and your loved ones don’t need to suffer anymore. Help is available. 
Isn’t it time? Why not start living again today? Contact New Method Wellness now and find out how you, too, can get your life back on track. 
We also have 0% Financing Available To Help With Treatment Costs as an added benefit.

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New Method Wellness Testimonials
Good morning Susie,
Just touching base to let you know that Justin continues to do well. He attends meetings regularly, continues to read literature on addictions. He still has the look of peace and happiness that I noticed when I met him at the airport. His spends a lot of time with his family. His children are so beautiful and mean the world to him. We are planning to visit at some time, maybe his one year sobriety party. I would love to meet you and the staff. New Method Wellness was certainly the best choice for treatment for Justin and I can’t say enough about the great work that you do. Thank you so very much.

Diane K.

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