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New Method Wellness is honored to have been named a Center of Excellence by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health. We are joining a network of facilities that provide the highest quality of mental and behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatment for athletes and their families.

The Hall of Fame Behavioral Health’s mission to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and transform culture is aligned with our ongoing commitment to providing the best quality care to those in need.  New Method Wellness is one of Twelve Centers of excellence that have partnered with Pro-Football’s Hall of Fame to provide concierge access to behavioral health services to those in need.

Pro Football Hall of Fame President & CEO David Baker is working with a team of Hall of Fame Ambassadors like Ronnie LottBrian DawkinsSteve AtwaterAndre Reed, and Tim Brown as well as current players like Adrian Peterson and Calais Campbell. 

They have helped create a program dedicated to finding comprehensive solutions for individuals struggling with Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues.

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We are overjoyed at the opportunity to join in this collaborative mission aimed at removing the stigma of substance abuse and mental health disorders for high-impact athletes and their families.  Ever since our inception, we have strived to adopt the most cutting-edge, first-in-class treatment methodologies proven to bring about lasting, life-long improvements in the quality of our client’s lives.  Our number one goal is to be the treatment center of choice for people who need a unique, highly customized program focused on results.

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