More than a substance abuse solution


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Is New Method Wellness the right fit for you or your loved one?

Whether you are completely unfamiliar with the treatment process, or this is your second, third or fourth time around, we are more than happy to provide you with the clarification you need to make the best decision for yourself or your loved one.

Our knowledgeable and sympathetic intake specialists will answer all of your questions. If you feel confident in your decision to start the recovery journey with New Method Wellness, we will conduct a confidential, complimentary insurance benefits check. This insurance check will provide you with all of the information you need to begin the recovery process.


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We believe that trust is earned. Sit down with one of our intake specialists so you can put a face to the name. We will answer any questions, concerns, or qualms you might have about our treatment plans.


We are extremely proud of our facilities, and we would love to share them with you. If you happen to live within driving distance and would like to view our facilities, we would be more than happy to show you around our patient center. If, however, you are unable to personally view our facilities, we have ample pictures of our center, residences, and more in our photo tour.

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We understand that ‘one size fits all’ is not necessarily applicable to substance abuse treatment. At New Method Wellness, we offer a variety of treatment programs ranging from outpatient recovery to dual diagnosis treatment, to family programs and Christian-based recovery programs. The choices are limitless!



Our primary treatment program includes detoxification (on an as needed basis) and inpatient treatment. Primary treatment generally lasts 30 days or longer, depending on the patient. During primary treatment, patients will attend the center for individual therapy, group therapy, and a handful of holistic therapy methods.
The patient will live onsite in one of our beautiful sober living homes with supplied transportation, grocery cards, and optional activities on the weekends and evenings.


Directly following the completion of their primary treatment, patients have the option of moving to one of our beautiful sober living homes while making the transition back into regular activities (i.e. school, work, family life, etc.). More often than not, the transition from primary treatment back into one’s former living situation is more stressful than predicted. We have found that our patients integrate back into their former lifestyles more easily when they make the transition slowly. For this reason, we offer our patients the option of sober living. Our extended after care program also includes our optional alumni program, which offers continued community support, alumni benefits and events, and more.


We offer an intensive outpatient program for local residents, sober living residents, or anyone else who does not necessarily require primary care but would like additional support for their ongoing recovery. The intensive outpatient program offers much of the same perks as the primary care program (group therapy, seminars, counseling, psychiatry, yoga, acupuncture, and holistic wellness methods), but only requires a five day a week commitment while maintaining individual living accommodations.


If you or your loved one feels most comfortable in a faith-based environment, we offer an extension of our primary care program called “God’s Recovery Light.”
This extension provides spiritual direction to the patient allowing him/her to delve into the spiritual aspect of recovery as needed for long term recovery.

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Space is limited. As soon as you determine the appropriate program for you or your loved one, we suggest that you speak with one of our intake specialists to enroll immediately.

Family members may drop off any of the below items at our offices between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Or, you can use mail packages to:

Clients name c/o New Method Wellness
31473 Rancho Viejo Road
Suite 101
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


  • Clothing
    • Bring enough casual clothing for 5-7 days (Washer/dryers are available at our sober living facilities)
    • Modest, comfortable clothes are best
    • In summer months clients spend time at beach on weekends. Feel free to bring beach gear (flip-flops, bathing suits, beach towels, etc)
  • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Shampoo*, conditioner*, hair products
    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Necessary grooming and hygiene products
    • Toilet paper and bath soap is provided
    • All toiletries must be sealed/unopened, and in their original packaging
  • Prescription Medications
    • Bring your prescription medications. At check in you will be required to turn them into a staff member where-upon our staff doctor will assess your medical condition to determine if you should continue or discontinue the medication/s in question
  • Linens
    • All linens are provided. You are welcome to bring your pillow if you have a favorite one you use
  • Jewelry
    • Due to the structure of the day and to reduce loss, we recommend you bring only the jewelry you wear constantly
  • Food/Drinks/Cigarettes/Stamps
    • Snacks and beverages are provided each day
    • Bring stationery and stamps
  • Reading Material and Music
    • To help you focus on recovery, only recovery and spiritually-based books or reading material is recommended
    • Upon enrollment, all new clients are given an MP3 player that is preloaded with relaxation and meditation music. You are free to listen to music you like, but if it is music that you listened to while using, it could be detrimental to your recovery process and it is recommended that you avoid listening to it


*A family member or friend must pick up prohibited items within three business days. Storage Space is not available. New Method Wellness is not responsible for these items.

If you have any questions regarding your enrollment at New Method Wellness, please call our toll free number:

+1 (866) 951-1824