Hermosa House is a young men’s outpatient supportive living residence in California that’s dedicated to providing well-rounded, effective treatment while focusing on your individual needs. If you are looking for a substance abuse treatment program that offers compassion, comfort and a wide range of treatment methods then Hermosa House outpatient supportive living residence in California is right for you.

Why Attend Our Young Men’s Outpatient Supportive Living Residence in California

Young men experience substance abuse differently than other individuals. Their world view is still developing. They’re usually undergoing many intense changes in their lives. They might be struggling to cope with peer pressure, stress and expectations.

Although older adults have obligations and burdens too, they’re in a different stage of life than young people. You may feel more comfortable immersing yourself in an environment with a peer group that understands what you’re going through.

Attending a substance abuse treatment center should not be viewed as a punishment. It’s an opportunity for healing, which many people don’t take advantage of. We have designed Hermosa House to be inviting and provide an engaging, supportive atmosphere for young men going through rehab.

young men's outpatient California
young men's outpatient California
young men's outpatient California
young men's outpatient California

A Lifestyle of Recovery

One of the most crucial parts of the journey to recovery is learning how to find fulfillment in life after addiction. It can be hard to reignite your passions. Finding hobbies and exploring your interests might also seem daunting.

Isolating yourself in a clinical setting during rehab might allow you to focus on your needs while you detox or begin your journey to recovery. At some point, however, you’ll need to reestablish yourself in society.

At the Hermosa House young men’s outpatient supportive living residence in California, you don’t have to seclude yourself. The home is intimate and cozy. It also features private and semi-private bedrooms.

But you’ll be living with other young men who are in a similar place in their lives. You’ll get a chance to socialize and support each other whether you’re connecting over breakfast or discussing how your surf therapy went that day.

The Importance of Life Skills in Outpatient Rehab

As you relinquish the grip of addiction, you will need to learn how to handle your newfound freedom. Thinking about your independence can make you feel anxious.

That’s why we help you learn life skills at our outpatient rehab in California. You’ll maintain a daily schedule while replenishing yourself with nutrition therapy. You’ll learn how to manage stress and cope with intense emotions.

Many young men fear that they’ll be socially alienated while they’re in rehab. At Hermosa House, you’ll have the support from your peers when you work toward wellness together.

Mastering interpersonal interactions is crucial during recovery. We encourage you to work on constructive communication as you navigate the new boundaries of life in recovery. Surrounding yourself with other young men in a safe, positive atmosphere can give you the confidence and camaraderie that you need to move forward.

We offer treatment programs such as:

Dual diagnosis treatment
Drug and alcohol detox
Residential treatment
Intensive outpatient treatment
Extended aftercare

young men's outpatient California
young men's outpatient California

Get in touch with us to learn more about how a stay at our facility can help you get the friendly, effective, professional care that you need to turn your life around.

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