Our Residential & Outpatient
Treatment Centers


The Wellness Center

New Method Wellness’s Outpatient Treatment Center specializes in substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment and spans five suites in the Ortega business community, harboring four spacious group rooms, eighteen individual counseling offices, a client kitchen, a dining room, and plenty of indoor and outdoor lounge space for downtime in between groups and individual therapy sessions. The New Method Wellness Outpatient Treatment Center accommodates those attending our Full Day Programming (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP).


The Flores House

The Flores House is our licensed and accredited residential treatment center for women, a luxurious home with private and shared bedrooms located in the hills of Capo Beach.

The Rio House

The Rio House is our licensed and accredited residential treatment center for men. A single-story home with captivating, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the Rio House is where the journey to freedom begins!


The Capo House

Just a few steps away from the ocean, the Capo House is a luxurious two-story supportive living residence for women. Ideal for a serene get-away, this home has plenty of lounging space, state-of-the-art amenities, and a jaw-dropping ocean view.

Men’s 35 + House

A gorgeous two-story supportive living residence, the cozy Ramona House is designed for our male clientele over age 35. Quiet and secluded, this home – endowed with hardwood floors, backyard fireplace and a breathtaking view of the ocean – is tucked away in Capistrano Beach where our clients can focus on their recovery in a serene setting.

The Hermosa House

For younger male client’s. the Hermosa House is a well-appointed supportive living residence in Capistrano Beach. The Hermosa House features an upgraded kitchen, winding staircase, private and semi-private bedrooms, and a spacious backyard and side yard. Situated just a few minutes away from the sea, this home is great for those who enjoy surfing, paddle boarding and other fun outdoor activities.

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