Having a relationship with an addict isn't an easy thing. People who struggle with substance abuse often also have mental health issues as well. They may also have various physical problems stemming from their substance abuse. Anyone who has a relationship with an addict, whether...

You may have heard a few times, "You should check out an Al-Anon meeting!" To which you might refute: "I'm good, thank you." 

But, is Al-Anon worth your time? Is it really for you or is it only for loved ones of heroin addicts or a more...

More often than not, as alcoholics and addicts, we struggle with some form of codependency.

Codependency is not black and white, by any means.

Codependency can manifest itself in a variety of ways: people pleasing, manipulation, narcissism, drama-loving, controlling, stalking, 'doormat' syndrome, and more.

The term 'codependent' generally...

It’s Time For A New Method


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