Designated men’s detox house


Designated Men’s Detox House

Featuring state-of-the-art amenities in the quiet hills of San Clemente, the Rio House is our designated detox facility where our clients go after meeting with our general physician. The physician’s initial assessment will determine the necessary length of medically assisted detoxification and customized treatment plans based on each client’s needs.

Once treatment plans are in place, clients get to stay in the gorgeous Rio House, a one-story home with a beautiful ocean view from the spacious backyard, which includes a luxurious pool and spa. This high-end detox home feels like a vacation home where residents can truly focus on their healing and recovery. The home is close to the ocean, nature hiking trails and other serene surroundings that give clients plenty of personal space to reflect, meditate, and journal. The Rio House has private and shared rooms, a fully equipped kitchen with gorgeous amenities, two living rooms each with a big screen TV, and two bathrooms located on each side of the house.

Detox at Home vs. Detox Facilities

With the availability of detox products all over the market, why should people choose a licensed detox center over alcohol/drug detox at home? Many are misguided by the notion that you can simply quit “cold turkey” from drug and alcohol abuse. It is not that simple, and detox “do-it-yourself” DIY practices are incredibly risky and dangerous with possible consequences such as the following:

There is nothing comfortable or “safe” about detoxing in your own home. Additionally, at-home detoxing does not include alternative treatments such as evidence-based holistic therapy that sustains long-term recovery. Because of the risks involved with abstaining from drugs and alcohol, medical detoxification is best done under the supervision of licensed medical and clinical staff. The Rio House is monitored by a highly trained detox facility staff 24 hours a day should our clients require medical assistance at any part of their detoxification.

For more information about the Rio House or to schedule a tour, call +1 (866) 951-1824!

+1 (866) 951-1824