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Trauma-Focused Treatment

Trauma Focused Therapy

What is Trauma-Focused Treatment?

Trauma-focused addiction treatment is a specialized approach which takes into account the client’s history of exposure to a variety of recent and remote traumatic events, such as combat, physical intimate partner violence, childhood trauma, physical injury, sexual abuse and witnessing trauma of another person. Trauma survivors often turn to alcohol and substance abuse to self-medicate and suppress symptoms of post-traumatic disorder (PTSD), but when they come to a treatment facility that delivers trauma-informed counseling services, addiction therapists (also known as “trauma champions”) are well-versed with evidence-based practices that reduce unintentional re-triggering of traumatic memories.

Trauma Survivors & Substance Abuse

Trauma survivors experience pain that others may not understand. Symptoms such as anxiety, nightmares, aggression, suicidal ideation, anger, shame, social isolation, insomnia and inability to trust produce deep-seated depression which causes survivors to turn to alcohol, substance abuse or pain medication to relieve physical and emotional pain. According to one study, a third of patients who were surveyed for trauma history prevalence and substance abuse experienced addiction relapse.

Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment Models

What exactly does trauma-informed addiction treatment entail? There are several well-known trauma-specific interventions that are practiced at New Method Wellness. These include the following:

New Method Wellness is always at the forefront of healthcare reform to find the best, groundbreaking methodology for substance abuse treatment. Our combination of clinical and holistic approaches in a unique 2:1 ratio setting sets clients up for success and lifelong recovery. Your loved one will be paired with two addiction counselors so that all aspects of healing – mind, body, and soul – are addressed. For more information about trauma-informed care, please contact us at
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