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What is a residential treatment center (RTC)?

In dual diagnosis treatment, a residential treatment center is a live-in health care facility that provides 24-hour support from licensed clinical staff such as addiction psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors, and holistic therapists. Many treatment centers have facilities that resemble homes to make people feel “home away from home,” which eliminates the clinical setting and creates a warmer, more comfortable environment conducive to recovery.

Why is residential treatment needed?

Residential treatment is recommended for individuals who may benefit more from higher levels of care that’s not available through multiple outpatient sessions. During the initial intake, our experienced addiction psychiatrists meet with the client to determine his level of needs based on the following factors:

After assessing the severity of the situation, the addiction therapist then determines the course of treatment, which factors in the level of care and length of stay required for optimum results.

What goes on inside a residential treatment center?

Each center is staffed with clinical practitioners who conduct individual and group counseling sessions. Residents have easy access to urgent and emergency medical care 24 hours a day; credentialed staff members are always on-site, ready to respond in the event of a crisis such as intentional self-harm. Various types of services are offered:

Medical detoxification – Under direct supervision and care of a physician, a client eliminates toxins from his body that were produced by drug and alcohol abuse. If necessary, the addiction psychiatrist will use medication-assisted treatment to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

Individual Counseling – Over the course of multiple sessions, the counselor familiarizes himself with the client’s past history, characteristics and sphere of influence. The therapist works with the individual to establish goals and a treatment plan that will help the client achieve those objectives.

Group Counseling – In addition to individual counseling, group counseling provides peer support from others who are also in recovery. Shared commonalities create a special camaraderie among members of the group; program alumni are often invited to provide moral support and motivation, and clients learn about strategies that will help them when they graduate from the program.

Take a Peek inside Our Beautiful Residential Homes

Our rehabilitation headquarters span five suites in the Ortega business community, harboring four spacious group rooms, ten individual counseling offices, a client kitchen, a dining room for clients to eat their catered lunches, and plenty of indoor and outdoor lounge space for downtime in between groups and individual therapy.

In addition to our rehabilitation center, we have six beautifully furnished homes sprinkled over the neighboring beach cities around Capistrano Beach, San Clemente, and Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). All of our rehabilitation and detox homes are specific to gender, providing a safe and relaxed environment. Each home is monitored by management staff 24 hours a day for the safety of our clients. The detoxification homes are monitored by well-trained staff specifically groomed for a nurturing and attentive quality.

We have a Medical Operations Coordinator, Operations Coordinator and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor on-call during evenings and weekends to ensure that our clients receive the attention they require and deserve.

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