Private Luxury Rehabilitation Centers for the Executive Lifestyle

New Method Wellness preserves privacy for high profile personalities during their stay at New Method Wellness. We have served numerous celebrities and executive-level managers from Fortune 500 companies during their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Our high-end medical detox and holistic treatment programs are conducive to the busy executive lifestyle of the business professional, allowing them an opportunity to “unplug” from their demanding schedules and focus on the important business of recovery.

Seeking substance abuse treatment under the public eye is an elusive ordeal, which is why we at New Method Wellness will preserve our clients’ privacy during treatment. With respect to confidentiality and HIPAA laws, you can rest assured that you or your client (if you are a Human Resource Manager or Publicist) will fully recover while participating in our effective, integrated treatment programs without fear of being exposed to important business stakeholders.

While receiving treatment at New Method Wellness, high profile personalities will stay with others who share similar backgrounds so they can form a social camaraderie within our group counseling sessions. As with all our clients, each executive will be paired with two addiction counselors who will address their substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders, utilizing evidence-based methods such as the following:

Dual diagnosis treatment services are covered by traditional insurance, but if you are unsure whether New Method Wellness accepts your policy, you can contact us for a free insurance verification.

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