Do you have to explain to your coworkers why you don’t drink alcohol?

Your coworkers are inviting you to hang out with them again after work…only this time, you are trying to actively abstain from alcohol. They never knew you were recovering from alcohol addiction. All they know is that you’re super fun to be around and that’s why they keep inviting you to everything. Now that you are actively abstaining from drinking alcohol, you wonder how you’re going to pull this one off without having to explain yourself. That glass of wine that made you “fun” will be replaced by a cup of water or some other non-alcoholic beverage; they might notice that you didn’t order a cocktail or beer. What will you say then? Should you care?

You could just be straightforward and say, “I’m in recovery,” but if you don’t want anyone to know yet that you are seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, you could use other excuses.

Best Excuses Not to Drink Alcohol:

• “My doctor told me so” (they don’t have to know it was your addiction psychiatrist who said it)
• “I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle so I can live longer”
• “I joined a fitness program, and they discouraged me from drinking”
• “I’m working out more, so alcohol is very dehydrating”
• “I’m trying to drink more water”
• “I found out that drinking makes you age much faster”
• “Abstaining from drinking works better than anti-age cream”
• “You don’t have to work out as hard if you don’t drink”
• “Alcohol makes you gain weight”
• “I’m changing my diet, and my nutritionist advised me not to drink”

Are all of those excuses really true?

Orbis Research, an international market research company, released a report on the global anti-aging industry forecast for 2017-2022. Currently a $250 billion industry, it will be worth $331 billion by 2021. According to Dr. Oz, a world renown surgeon and Ivy League professor, alcohol will make you age faster and it’s a major cause of wrinkles and loss of collagen and elasticity. If you have invested in cosmetic surgery in the past or are considering it in the near future, giving in to your alcoholic cravings while spending thousands of dollars on anti-aging products and services seems counterproductive and counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

Everyone knows that alcohol dehydrates, and so it makes sense if you blame it on trying to live a healthier lifestyle by hitting the gym more often. Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are often associated with liver and kidney problems, so if your primary care physician or addiction therapist has diagnosed you with Hepatitis C (HCV), a common liver disease, or Chronic Kidney Disease, you can legitimately say that you have a medical problem that prevents you from drinking alcohol.

Worried what sobriety will do to your personality?

One of the main reasons why people like to drink is they like how alcohol transforms them into the “life of the party” when their guard is down. No one wants to be dull and boring, but they don’t know how to be fun without a drink in their hand. A huge benefit of treatment for alcohol addiction is that you learn how to be your true self (your fun self!) without the help of alcohol. Through dual diagnosis treatment which integrates evidence-based practices with holistic therapies, individuals are transformed into healthy individuals who are living life to the full – without the ball and chain of alcoholism or other drug addiction.

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