2:1 Staff to Client Ratio



At New Method Wellness, we are proud of our highly qualified and empathetic professional treatment team. With over 60 employees and growing, we have the opportunity to provide the individualized treatment our clients deserve on their road to recovery. From our Clinical Director to our Nutritional Therapist, we have the most educated and experienced addiction professionals serving on our treatment staff. Each staff member brings to the table their expertise, years of experience and their passion for substance abuse treatment, treating New Method Wellness as their home away from home.

ED BLUM, CADCA-I Chief Executive Officer, Owner / Founder

ED BLUM, CADC Chief Executive Officer, Owner / Founder

As an Owner/Founder and the Chief Executive Officer at New Method Wellness, Ed Blum brings a supportive no-nonsense approach to the center. He is passionate about recovery service and has been a crucial leader in the development of New Method Wellness, bringing the center’s strengths to the forefront. Ed’s hands-on, personable leadership style enables him to connect with clients during the course of their treatment; his vested interest in each person’s progress makes clients feel that they have a personal ally at the highest level of the organization. Ed cites the consistency and spiritual values of the company as its strengths, and he sees his contribution as rearticulating those fundamentals. Ed has a 30-year background as a successful business executive and has served in the military for 15 years. He enjoys cooking for crowds and loves to play golf.


DEANNA M. JORDAN, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern IMF 87324Supervised by Louis Heit, CA Licensed MFC 27844, Clinical Director

DeAnna Jordan supervises a team of caring, well-trained clinicians who provide continued support throughout a client’s stay. With over 20 years of experience working with clients in recovery, Jordan is a marriage and family therapist (MFT) who specializes in maintaining healthy relationships. Her expertise has catapulted her into the spotlight, as she was featured on Dr. Phil, Jane Valdez-Mitchell, National Geographic’s Taboo, and has been published in Elle Magazine as well as The Huffington Post.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Irvine, Jordan did postgraduate work at Centaur University where she graduated at the top of her class with a CAADAC certification in Centaur’s chemical dependency program. Following her time at Centaur, Jordan received her Master of Counseling Psychology degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is also currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Depth Psychology.

As a recovering addict, Jordan brings a breadth of personal recovery experience to her clinical leadership and believes a comfortable, structured and supportive environment is an essential part of maintaining long-term sobriety. In addition to her passion for recovery, Jordan is extremely involved in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). As a current Woman of the Year candidate, Jordan is campaigning to raise funds for LLS blood cancer research in honor of local children who are blood cancer survivors.

Susie Hopson-Blum, CADC-A Intake Director, Owner / Founder

SUSIE HOPSON-BLUM, CADC Intake Director, Owner / Founder

An owner and founder of New Method Wellness, Susie Hopson-Blum serves as the Director of Admissions. Having been in recovery for over 25 years, Hopson-Blum has been an active, vital member of the recovery community ever since she went into treatment in 1988. Her experience managing and directing a behavioral health treatment facility has its roots in Sober Pacific Living, a sober living house which opened its doors to clients with a passion for treatment and recovery. Susie Hopson-Blum used her professional expertise and personal experience to establish New Method Wellness, a substance abuse treatment center that takes a holistic approach to recovery.

Hopson-Blum is a Certified National Drug and Alcohol Assessor from the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists and is passionate about being an integral part of the intervention process. As an intern level-certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Hopson-Blum has years of experience directing and guiding families in assisting their loved ones from active addiction to the safety of treatment. Prior to opening New Method Wellness, Hopson-Blum sold real estate for 35 years.

Bing Crosby, BA Chief Financial Officer, Owner

BING CROSBY, BA Chief Financial Officer, Owner

Bing is an Owner as well as the Chief Financial Officer at New Method Wellness. He oversees the organization’s payor relations, support services, information technology, legal, standards and compliance, and health information management areas. Having owned several businesses in the past including a daycare center, Bing is well suited to serve as our financial strategist. He is utilizing his financial management and strategic planning experience to help New Method Wellness continue to grow and provide cost effective services to clients and their families. After landing a football scholarship at Boise State University, Bing went on to graduate from Vanguard University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Brook McKenzie, BA Clinical Outreach Coordinator

BROOK MCKENZIE, BA Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Brook McKenzie serves as the Clinical Outreach Coordinator and Family Liaison for New Method Wellness. An experienced interventionist, Brook works directly with the family to facilitate an interruption of the loved one’s active addiction cycle, discontinue enabling factors, and help expedite the loved one’s entry into treatment. Born and raised in East Texas, Brook’s own family endured several years of pain and frustration at the hands of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today, he shares his past experiences freely with an eye towards mentoring families.

New Method Wellness Team - Nik Gritikis

NIK GRIKITIS, CAII Clinical Outreach Coordinator 

Nik Grikitis serves as the Clinical Outreach Coordinator for Intensive Outpatient Services at New Method Wellness. An active member of the Orange County recovery community, Nik delivers a level of courtesy and professionalism that embodies the culture of New Method Wellness. Nik plays a significant role in both outreach and logistics, including a company-wide initiative geared towards New Method Wellness client care and operational excellence. Deeply involved in cultivating relationships on behalf of New Method Wellness, Nik seeks to constantly improve the operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the organization’s mission — specifically, help support the individual by better client care. Grikitis is also a proud Alumnus of the New Method Wellness program.

Sue Anne Client Services Coordinator

SUE ANNE TINYO Client Services Coordinator

Sue Anne is our Client Services Coordinator at New Method Wellness. Sue Anne comes to New Method Wellness with a rich history of management work with business development and customer service. As the Client Services Coordinator, Sue Anne is often the first face our new clients see during the intake process and the last face they see during discharge. A constant with every client throughout their time at New Method Wellness and long after, Sue Anne coordinates check-ins with alumni and ensures that all clients transition efficiently back into their families, work and personal life as a sober member of society. She is extremely personable and kind, making her a valuable confidant for our clients.

Dr. Nishant Kumar, DO Consulting Addiction Psychiatrist

DR. NISHANT KUMAR, DO Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Nishant Kumar is a Board Certified General Psychiatrist qualified in Addiction Psychiatry. After receiving his Addictionology residency training at the distinguished Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Kumar has had extensive experience in working with inpatients and outpatients with regard to substance abuse treatment. At New Method Wellness, he brings his expertise to treat eating disorders, Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Bipolar Disorder, anxiety, depression, memory disorders and a variety of neurological and spectrum disorders. Dr. Kumar is an approved, licensed buprenorphine provider and is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. In addition to his clinical skills, he is actively involved in Addiction Medicine and other addiction-related research and currently serves as the Principal Investigator for Friends Research Institute in Torrance, California.

Dr. Mitchell Naficy, MD, FAAFP Medical Director


Dr. Naficy is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Medicine whose style of patient care involves caring for the person as a whole, rather than just treating a particular symptom or illness. His expertise lies in the mobilization of the unconscious, and as one of the few physicians in California who specializes in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), New Method Wellness is grateful and privileged to have Dr. Naficy on our team. His credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Rutgers University followed by a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the Universidad Central del Caribe, School of Medicine, in Puerto Rico. Dr. Naficy completed a post-graduate training in 1990 at the University of Southern California (USC) Medical Center in Los Angeles and then completed his three-year residency in Family Medicine at the University of California’s Medical Center in Irvine, California.

Karin Lindgren, BSN, MSN-FNP Medical Operations Coordinator

KARIN LINDGREN, BSN, MSN-FNP Medical Operations Coordinator

Karin Lindgren is the Medical Operations Coordinator at New Method Wellness. A graduate of Seattle University (BS, Ecology) and Pacific Lutheran University (MS, Family Practice/Nursing), Karin developed her passion for helping people while working in a busy trauma center/emergency room for eight years. At New Method Wellness, she is responsible for liaising with the Medical Staff to best ensure an optimized and effective approach to meeting every client’s medical needs throughout the course of treatment.

New Method Wellness Team - Abby Ray

ABBY RAY, BA Human Resources Manager

Our Human Resources Manager, Abby Ray, specializes in talent recruitment, staff development, and employee benefits. Responsible for implementing human resource management strategies, she stays up-to-date on the latest trends in employee development so that New Method Wellness can continue to be the leader in addiction research, education, and counseling practices. Abby works diligently to ensure that personnel records, policies and procedures meet compliance objectives while consistently providing support and resources to the New Method Wellness staff. Gifted with insight to recognize depth of character, talent and experience, Abby recruits cream-of-the-crop individuals who share our passion for client recovery and wellness. Abby earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Chapman University and loves spending time with family, discovering new brunch spots and exploring local beaches.

Louis Heit, LMFT, LCSW Clinical Consultant

LOUIS HEIT, MFT, LCSWCA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 27844, CA Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCS 16404, Clinical Consultant

Louis Heit is our Clinical Consultant, providing supervision and clinical oversight to our counselor and therapist team. He is licensed in California as both a Clinical Social Worker and as a Marriage and Family Therapist, has Professional Certificate training in Business Management from the University of California, and has over thirty years of experience in providing direct care, training, supervision, program development and management, with specialties in trauma recovery, substance abuse treatment, mood disorders, and pain management. In addition to running a private practice and his work at New Method Wellness, Louis is a clinical preceptor for the US Navy, Camp Pendleton Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program, and is on the faculty at the University of Southern California, School of Social Work. He also consults for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Ruta Sternbergs, ED.D., Psy.D., CADC Therapist

DR. RUTA STERNBERGS, Ed. D,. Psy. D., CADC-II Therapist

Dr. Sternbergs is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at New Method Wellness. She started her career as a registered nurse (RN), which lead to her interest in the psychological needs of individuals. She received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Boston University, where she was asked to co-evaluate their inaugural Master’s Program Specializing in Counseling Women. Ruta also completed the requirements for her Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) from the American Behavioral Studies Institute. For the past several years, she has been an active member of the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Orange County. She has discovered that her true calling is in the field of addiction recovery. “I cannot think of any other disease that has such a profound impact on so many.” She considers it to be an honor to connect and work with clients as they embark on their personal recovery journey. Ruta enjoys her family, friends and all creatures, big or small.

Genevieve Garcia, MA, Psy. Therapeutic Arts Counselor

GENEVIEVE GARCIA, MA, Psy. Therapeutic Arts Counselor

Genevieve is our Therapeutic Arts Counselor at New Method Wellness. She finds that having a creative outlet enables individuals to express emotions that are sometimes difficult to communicate through words. Genevieve facilitates workshops where clients use a variety of different media as an outlet to express themselves through being creative. She finds that creativity can be a wonderful tool to build confidence, express emotions, and process difficult experiences. Her goal is for clients to be in the moment and lose themselves in the process, to experience peace, insight, positive reinforcement, and expression through creativity. Genevieve has studied both psychology and art. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and a certificate of Therapeutic Arts Facilitation from Chapman University’s extended education program.

Linda Snell, BA, MA, MSW Therapist

LINDA SNELL, BS, MFP, MSWRegistered Associate Clinical Social Worker
ASW 74951, Supervised by Louis Heit, CA Licensed MFC 2784, CA Licensed LCS 16404

Linda is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at New Method Wellness. Linda spent ten years as a field investigator, most notably working with the OC Department of Probation Juvenile Sex Crimes Unit, during which she found interest in case management for individuals struggling with addiction in all of its forms. Linda achieved her Masters in Social Work from USC and spent the last year as a therapist for Hoag Hospital Community Health Center, specializing in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Linda is a wonderful contribution to the New Method Wellness team with her experience, her leadership attributes, and her passion for helping others. On her free time, Linda volunteers at Saddleback Church where she is a PEACE leader responsible for developing outreach programs to enhance self-efficacy.

Allie Lake, CATC IV Counselor


A substance abuse counselor at New Method Wellness, Allie has over 12 years of professional experience in the field of addiction, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s in Professional Counseling, and credentials as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC). Her philosophy behind her treatment is grounded in breaking the cycle of addiction and trauma carried through family wounds of the soul. She specializes in co-occurring disorders, process addictions, and individual, group and family counseling. In addition, Allie also treats eating disorders with guided imagery and Somatic therapy.


Bianca is a therapist at New Method Wellness. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton, Bianca began her graduate training at a men’s addiction rehabilitation facility. She has obtained both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology and has continued to work within the addiction and trauma population for the past ten years. Bianca recently became licensed in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist. By displaying compassion and empathy, Bianca strives to create a supportive environment for her clients in which they always feel safe and comfortable. Bianca considers herself their number one advocate throughout their journey of healing.

FARAH QURESHI, MPH RDN Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Therapist

Farah is our Credentialed Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Therapist and has earned her Master’s Degree, major in Nutrition (Loma Linda University, CA). Farah always had the passion for helping and serving others for supporting their journey to well-being. She seeks out the latest research on nutritional science to best serve her clients. Using an empathetic counseling approach in listening to her clients’ needs along with evidence-based nutrition, she educates and promotes health & wellness in areas such as nutritional deficiencies and helps to balance metabolism with the goal of preventing chronic disease and positively impacting health, cognition & mood. Her passion has led her to work at the Loma Linda Wellness Center, in clinical hospitals, a gestational diabetes clinic, The University of California Student Health & Wellness Center, as a Dietitian Consultant in Integrative Corporate Wellness, as an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Dietitian at an outpatient clinic and has done research-based health writing. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Fitness Instructor, a Certified Leap Therapist, a member of; The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, The Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice Group & The California Dietetic Association. Working toward her mission of promoting mind-body wellness at New Method Wellness is a natural fit for her.

Juanita Wells, CADC-II Counselor


Juanita is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at New Method Wellness. She has a profound understanding of the recovery process and her diverse background and thoughtful insight provide a comforting voice of reassurance to our clients. She demonstrates the compassion to gently guide the client as well as the entire family down the path of recovery. She believes pro-active measures are necessary when an individual is suffering from the disease of addiction. Always willing to go the extra distance, she ensures our clients receive the highest quality of care possible. She thoroughly enjoys working with the clients and feels rewarded by having the opportunity to see them make major changes over the course of treatment. Juanita is a duly accredited Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II (CADC-II) with International Accreditation (ICADC).

Perzan Irani, BA, CADC-II Counselor


Perzan received his bachelor’s degree from Emory University graduating with highest distinction in the top 5% of his class. He would later study psychology at Columbia University in the City of New York. He was trained in Gestalt Therapy by Brad Blanton, Ph.D., author of the bestselling book Radical Honesty™, eventually becoming a coach and trainer. Perzan was trained in meditation and yoga science directly from Ram Lev, founder of The American Meditation Institute. While on a journey of personal transformation, he studied Zen Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy at the Zen Mountain Monastery in the Catskill Mountains. Perzan is a Mastery Level Certified Trauma Dynamics Practitioner; Trauma Dynamics focuses on organic body processes to resolve the energetic impact of stressful and overwhelming life events. Winner of the Cambridge Who’s Who Award for Professionals and a 10-year veteran of the Human Potential Movement, Perzan is a duly accredited Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II (CADC-II) with International Accreditation (ICADC).

Barbara Rodriguez, BS, CATC III Counselor


Barbara earned her undergraduate degree in Paralegal Studies at Southern Illinois University with a minor in Criminal Justice. After losing her daughter to addiction, Barbara was drawn to the field of recovery with hopes of using her experiences to help others. She furthered her studies to become a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC). Believing that addiction is a family disease, Barbara has a passion to educate and empower families who may be struggling with a loved one’s addiction. She is dedicated to supporting the clients and their families through their recovery journey

New Method Wellness Team - Eddy


A Drug and Alcohol Counselor at New Method Wellness, Eddie has attended both the University of Utah and The College of the Sequoias with an emphasis in Biology. He completed an addiction studies program at the Training Institute for Addiction Counselors and earned his CATC-II credential with the California Association for Alcohol & Drug Educators (CAADE).

Upon earning his certification, Eddie began his quest to consistently deliver an effective counseling practice to those afflicted by drug and alcohol addiction. With his background in both Biology and Addiction Studies, Eddie has a strong working knowledge of the physiological compositions that link the human body to both mind and spirit. He masterfully develops and combines therapeutic techniques, quickly centering on achievable objectives, judiciously selecting evidence-based practices, maximizing out-of-session change opportunities, and facilitating therapeutic follow-ups to best ensure that treatment gains are sustained post-integration. His techniques are extremely instrumental in instilling hope in the individual.

Doug Pleiman, BA, CADC-A Counselor


As the Program Director, Doug possesses strong administrative and personal skills to lead the clinical program here at New Method Wellness. He also serves as one of our Drug and Alcohol Counselors. He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Virginia Tech and is currently in school for his Master of Social Work at the University of Southern California. Doug’s insight, relatability, and passion for service make him a great asset to the New Method Wellness clinical team. Witnessing the power of transparency and transformation in addiction counseling inspired Doug to dive into this career with full vigor; his compassion and commitment for persons with drug and alcohol addiction motivate him to make a difference in people’s lives every single day.

Danny Libor, CATCi Counselor


After six years of recovery experience following his own struggles with addiction, Danny now serves as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at New Method Wellness. In this capacity, he is able to give back to the recovery community as he follows his passion for serving others in need. Disciplined in the evidence-based practices of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Danny seeks to promote abstinence while minimizing the adverse impact of relapses.

A strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Danny recognizes differing treatment plans that would best serve the needs for this population. With his keen intuition to identify trauma, he makes it a priority to start treatment at the very core of the issue. He focuses on providing the care and empathy we all deserve, passing on the tools necessary to live a happy and happy lifestyle in recovery.

New Method Wellness Team - George Hillyard


George is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at New Method Wellness. He is a graduate of the Human Services Program at Saddleback College. Having been active in the South Orange County recovery community for six years, George has worked in inpatient, outpatient and detox facilities. His hands-on experience with those suffering from addiction at all levels of treatment has provided him with insight and knowledge to empathize with individuals’ common struggles in early recovery. He aims to create an environment of trust and comfort wherein it is safe for those battling addiction to open up and uncover the underlying causes of their using and drinking behavior so they may have a fresh start in life.

Enza Deliso Operations Coordinator

ENZA DELISO Operations Director

Enza Deliso serves as the Operations Director at New Method Wellness where her responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations, ensuring that client needs are met and structuring the client-centered staff to reflect demand. A professional in the health care industry, Deliso’s past cancer care experience enables her to assist clients in their recovery at New Method Wellness as she serves as an empathetic liaison between the clinical staff and the clients. In addition to her passion for recovery, Deliso advocates for the LGBTQ+ community and is a strong animal rights activist.

New Method Wellness Team - Austin Hooper

AUSTIN HOOPER, NLP Detox Supervisor

As Detox Supervisor, Austin is responsible for keeping the clients safe, healthy, and comfortable during the first stage of treatment. Under the direct supervision of our Medical Director, Austin helps execute daily operations for all of our licensed detox homes and is responsible for upholding the Joint Commissioned standards that New Method Wellness meets and exceeds on a daily basis.

Holding a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Austin is an accomplished Life-Coach who always seeks to promote a sense of self-care and wellness in every New Method Wellness client.  An active participant in the Orange County  Recovery Community, Austin uses his own life experience with addiction to empathize with each client and go the extra mile for anyone in need.  He is the proud father of twins, and when he’s not working or spending time with his family, he can be found rock climbing or playing beach volleyball.

Tracy McKenzie Special Projects Coordinator

TRACY MCKENZIE Special Projects Coordinator

As the Special Projects Coordinator at New Method Wellness, Tracy McKenzie is tasked with a wide purview of responsibilities. From interior design and decoration of our homes and offices to the administration of complex contract negotiations that benefit our clients and staff alike, Tracy works directly with the executive staff to best carry out the vision of the New Method Wellness founders. With a management level background in Business and Finance, Tracy seeks to constantly raise the level of quality that New Method Wellness embraces. A native to Southern California, Tracy’s personal journey into long-term recovery allows for a remarkable blend of both knowledge and compassion.

New Method Wellness Team - Kammi Ingram


Kammy is our bookkeeper and joined the New Method Wellness team in 2008. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine. Kammy has 20 years of bookkeeping experience and provides accurate and timely assistance to all departments, handling anything that comes her way with grace, dignity and a smile. The epitome of compassion, thoughtfulness and professionalism, Kammy is truly an asset to our team and is happy to help whenever she is needed. In her spare time, she volunteers in her community and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Stephanie Jones Assistant Compliance Coordinator

STEPHANIE JONES Compliance Coordinator

As the Compliance Coordinator at New Method Wellness, Stephanie is responsible for implementing company policies and procedures, and  she stays up-to-date by compiling and analyzing internal and external information.  To ensure company compliance, she prepares for and coordinates ongoing completion of state and nationwide regulatory requirements, including, but not limited to, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), The Joint Commission and The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  With a rich history in administration, she brings proficiency and professionalism to the New Method Wellness team.  When not at work, Stephanie can be found playing with her twins and spending time with friends.

New Method Wellness Team - Sally-Swanson

SALLY SWANSON, BA Front Office Coordinator

As the Front Office Coordinator, Sally is one of the first faces you see when entering New Method Wellness. Her warm smile and bubbly personality create a welcoming environment for all visitors and staff members alike. With an exceptional work ethic, Sally demonstrates professionalism in all that she does. She keeps the office running smoothly with her creative problem-solving skills, and she is always ready to help if anyone needs assistance. Sally holds a bachelor’s degree in Art and Business from St. Olaf College. She has a career background in broadcasting, finance and administration, but now she plans to continue her education to become a clinician specializing in addiction. Being in recovery, Sally’s lived experience makes her the perfect person with whom clients can connect. Her story, combined with her intense passion to help others, fuels her drive to instill hope in individuals and their loved ones affected by the disease of addiction. In her free time, Sally enjoys going to local concerts and spending time at the beach.

Edmund Erickson, MAOM, LAc Acupuncturist


Edmund is our Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist at New Method Wellness and has over 16 years of clinical experience. He uses the following treatment methods in clinic: traditional Chinese acupuncture, traditional Japanese meridian therapy, and the balance method. He also treats the following: detoxification, addiction, pain of any kind (physical or emotional), weak digestion, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, fatigue, and mind-body disconnection. Edmund is Nationally Certified as a Diplomat in Acupuncture by the NCCAOM. He holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin and a Master of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California.

Ginnie Thomas, CMT Massage Therapist

GINNIE THOMAS, CMT Massage Therapist

Our Massage Therapist at New Method Wellness, Ginnie Thomas, is passionate about sobriety and has been a firsthand witness to the overwhelming effects of addiction, not only on the mind and body but the spirit as well. Ginnie is well aware of the therapeutic benefits of massage and healing touch. Her massages ultimately help clients reconnect with themselves. “It is a blessing for me to have a skill that helps people feel better, a bright spot in their day,” she says. Clients appreciate how much massage can ease stress, decrease anxiety, relieve physical pains, and provide additional support to the process of recovery. Ginnie has been practicing massage therapy since 1998 and has been with New Method Wellness since 2010.

Desiree Lee Yoga Instructor

DESIREE LEE Yoga Instructor

A certified Yoga Instructor and Master Reiki Healer at New Method Wellness, Desiree is a catalyst for transformation and growth as she helps clients find their individual paths toward a healthy mind, body and spirit. For the past seven years, Desiree has funneled her passion for health and spirituality through mastering her craft as a yoga practitioner. In class, she focuses on simple meditation and breathing techniques. Gentle movements take away stiffness, allowing energy to flow more freely, develop strength and flexibility, and calm the body and mind. Clients end up feeling more comfortable and relaxed in their body. Her practices assist clients with anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, cravings, disconnection, and much more.

Bettina Bio

BETTINA DELAY-HÖHN, MA Front Desk Coordinator

Having earned her Master’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Business Management in Switzerland, Bettina Delay-Höhn brings her excellent organizational, communication and time management skills to her position as the Front Desk Coordinator at New Method Wellness. Her hospitable demeanor and attention to detail make her a valuable part of our family. She supports the entire team, assisting clients with their needs, attending to guests and making everyone feel at home with her old-world charm.

Bettina sits on the Board of StopB4UStart, a non-profit organization that fuels its addiction prevention efforts through education and empowerment. A member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers’ Association (ITWPA), Bettina lives out her zest for life and has trotted the globe a million times over, living in places like Afghanistan and the Congo. With compassion, Bettina shares her experience, strength and hope with others.

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