National Recovery Month 2020

National Recovery Month 2020

September is a transition month where summer slowly moves into fall. The warm days get cooler, and the leaves change color as we prepare for the winter months ahead. September is also National Recovery Month as designated by the Mental Health Services Administration to celebrate those who have transitioned from struggling with addiction to making gains in recovery. The month is meant to foster awareness of addiction and substance abuse and shine a light on those who are working hard in recovery.

National Recovery Month 2020 Themes

The theme for this year is about celebrating connections, which is similar to the 2019 theme of “together we are stronger.” The key takeaway is that no one can go through addiction recovery alone. Isolation is ultimately detrimental to recovery. It’s difficult when you feel like nobody understands your struggle. It’s even harder when you can’t find the support you need to stay on the recovery path.

The truth is that there are many others in your position who feel the same way. The stigma of addiction is very isolating and makes people reluctant to find connections during the recovery period. This is why National Recovery Month strives to support these people by highlighting education and raising awareness about addiction.

The theme for 2020 covers connecting with each other to find support. It’s important to realize that addiction always affects more people than just the person who is addicted. It affects all of their connections in some way as well. That is why everyone can be part of the solution.

Connecting With National Recovery Month

Whether you have personally struggled with addiction, know someone who has or simply wants to participate in National Recovery Month, you can connect and celebrate in several ways. Some good ways to participate include the following:

• Downloading the free National Recovery Month badge to display on your social media accounts, website or blog to express support and raise awareness
• Use official National Recovery Month promotional information and material in your office, community, health facility or another place where people can see it and engage
• Use your website, social media or blog to share information, facts, and personal testimonies about addiction and recovery
• Host a community event or fundraiser in observance of National Recovery Month
• Hold an online or community discussion event to share stories and testimonies about addiction and recovery

You don’t have to be an influencer or someone with a big online following to get things started and make a difference. Connecting with others through awareness, sharing stories and spreading information is often enough to spark discourse. Above all, it can connect with those who have struggled or are struggling with addiction and make them feel less alone.

If you are someone who has struggled with addiction, sharing your story can help others and bring awareness to those who don’t understand.

Why Are Recovery Celebrations a Big Deal?

The path from addiction to recovery isn’t easy or straight. Many people end up trying several times before they achieve lasting sobriety. At the same time, your individual path to recovery doesn’t mean that you are stronger or weaker than anyone else. There is a wide range of factors that affect addiction and recovery, including the following:

• History of trauma
• Your current environment
• Your social circle
• Your mental and physical health

Your recovery, regardless of how long it takes, is simply a reflection of your courage to get help and to forge a path out of addiction. Celebrating recovery is important because it’s not easy to stick to that path. People often find themselves focusing on the negative. You might look at your path and see nothing but challenges and obstacles. You might look in the mirror and see only the negative about yourself.

However, celebrating sobriety focuses on positivity. It allows you to be grateful and recognize your own strength. You can then appreciate the path you’ve traveled and look hopefully towards the future. Navigating obstacles reveals your full potential as a person.

Celebrate Transformation

Millions of people have found their way out of addiction through successful treatment. A quality addiction treatment center like New Method Wellness understands that there is no one treatment that works for everyone. That’s why we employ a number of evidence-based and holistic treatments to create an individualized program for every patient.

If you or a loved one are seeking treatment for addiction, contact New Method Wellness today at 866.951.1824

Our dual diagnosis treatment center is ready and waiting to help you get on the path to sobriety and a more hopeful future.

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