SAMHSA National Recovery Month 2019

National Recovery Month 2019

September is time for celebrating the re-emergence of pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather and recovery. The Mental Health Services Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, designated September as National Recovery Month to bring awareness to the issue of substance abuse and honor those who have recovered as well as those who are working toward sobriety.

What Is the Theme for National Recovery Month 2019?

Every year, a specific theme is associated with National Recovery Month. The theme for September 2019 is

“Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We are Stronger.”

No one can access lifelong recovery alone. But substance abuse and treatment can be isolating. Have you ever felt like nobody understood what you were going through? Have you found it difficult to find support as you have struggled with addiction?

Many people feel the same way. In fact, the majority of people who need help for substance abuse disorders don’t seek it out. The stigma and isolation that are associated with addiction prevent many people from getting the care that they need.

National Recovery Month aims to gather support for people who need it by raising awareness and educating the public about substance abuse. This year’s theme highlights the need for sharing resources. It encourages the creation of networks to support people who are struggling.

Perhaps most importantly, the 2019 theme emphasizes the fact that addiction and substance abuse affect everyone. They impact friends, loved ones, your community and society as a whole. Therefore, we can all be part of the solution.

How to Participate in National Recovery Month

Whether you have survived addiction or just want to help, you can celebrate in a variety of ways. Some ideas for participating in this month’s events include:

• Downloading the Recovery Month logo to use on your website and social media pages to help raise awareness
• Use Recovery Month promotional material to raise awareness in your school, community or health care facility
• Share facts or personal stories about addiction and recovery on your website, in your newsletter and on social media
• Host a race, picnic or fundraiser
• Hold an open discussion for anyone who wants to share their experience with their substance abuse battle

You don’t have to organize a major event or do anything on a grand scale to make a difference, though. Simply being open about your own connection to addiction or sharing your story can help other people feel less alone. This is the time to make connections. Even if you just work on forgiving yourself, you’re making huge strides.

Why Is it Important to Celebrate Recovery?

The journey from addiction to recovery is not linear. It may take several tries before someone succeeds in staying sober.

But your ability to access a successful recovery doesn’t reflect your strength, determination or willpower. So many factors play a role in addiction treatment, including past traumas, your environment, your social circle, your physical health and your mental health.

The real strength is being courageous enough to look inside of yourself and see how all of these factors work together. A holistic approach to healing is often the best route to recovery because it allows you to address all of the elements that make you who you are. When you heal one aspect of yourself, the other sides of your psyche balance out to achieve equilibrium.

You should celebrate recovery because it’s not easy to stay on a healing path. Humans are wired to have a negative bias. We often see all of the obstacles, challenges and undesirable qualities of ourselves. When we celebrate, we open ourselves up to gratitude, recognition and receiving.

It’s in those moments of grace that we can appreciate how far we have come. When you celebrate recovery, you look toward the future instead of dwelling in the past. You recognize your full potential and commemorate your ability to navigate the obstacles that life throws your way.

Millions of people have been transformed through substance abuse treatment. No single approach to addiction is appropriate for everyone, though. A comprehensive program that includes a variety of evidence-based and alternative modalities can help people who struggle with substance abuse access the level of care that’s right for them.

At New Method Wellness, we offer a wide range of methods for approaching recovery. Immerse yourself in a culture of healing, and celebrate every baby step that you take toward sobriety. Contact us to learn how our dual diagnosis treatment center is fully equipped to manage your needs and can finally bring you hope.

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