Lesbians who don't drink...find out where they are

Lesbians who don’t drink…Find out where they are!

What you think you need

It’s one thing to come out of the closet when you decide to disclose your gender identity but to come out of the closet as a sober lesbian in a queer world? That is almost unheard of! Drugs and alcohol are used as a segue to transition from awkwardness to the art of social grace; it feels great to charm your way through local crowded dive bars and parties without having to endure butterflies in your stomach as you stand like a paralyzed wallflower in the shadows. Getting drunk “liberates” you from your cage of “uptightness” until you wake up the next morning after a blackout.

Are you tired of being sick and tired?

While drinking and getting high may sound like the answer to overcoming awkwardness and meeting the woman of your dreams, at this point, you have come to the realization that not only is your professional life taking a nose dive, you still haven’t found “The One.” You also feel exhausted more frequently, and instead of drinking less, you’re drinking more, because your body has already developed a high tolerance for alcohol.

What have alcohol and drugs done for you?

•You have wasted your time meeting all the wrong ladies
• You wake up with memories you wish you could erase
• You “find out” what you did during your blackout and wish you could turn back the hands
of time
• You still feel the uncomfortable emotions you were trying to drown out, only this time,
those emotions are magnified a million times more
• You falsely believe that you cannot be your confident self without booze or drugs
• You have conditioned yourself to numb out negative feelings, which also numbs your
sensitivity to positive feelings

Learning to date again…sober

The rush you feel when you meet someone new is overwhelming! It’s understandable why so many people turn to alcohol because no one wants to risk putting yourself out there, only to experience another failed relationship. People drink to “feel alive,” but doesn’t “feeling alive” also means experiencing the full spectrum of emotions too? You wouldn’t fully appreciate the good without the bad. Of all the activities on earth, dating and finding “the Right One” is one of the most nerve-racking, rewarding experiences of humanity, but many people miss out because their senses are dulled by alcohol. When you are sober, you can find like-minded individuals in the LGBTQ community where you won’t experience the social stigma of sobriety in the queer culture.

Take pride in your identity and sobriety

New Method Wellness, a premier dual diagnosis treatment center in Orange County, utilizes evidence-based programs that integrate clinical and holistic care methods to help clients overcome substance abuse addiction. Culturally competent addiction therapists help members of the LGBTQ community to discover their true talents and identity without chemical dependency. After clients complete their treatment program, they can participate in the alumni Extended Care program where they can form lifelong friendships and even find romance in a safe environment. The point is to help people connect with themselves first before they are able to connect with others in healthy ways. Treatment programs are not just about treating the symptoms of substance use disorders; it’s about healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Create a meaningful life of recovery with someone who understands the importance of sobriety. Gone are the days of false pretenses! Usher in the New Year with a bright, sober future ahead of you!

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