Men’s residence house


The Hermosa House is one of our men’s sober facility located in the oceanfront town of Capistrano Beach. Conveniently located close to the beach, the Hermosa House makes it easy for our highly trained, credentialed staff to schedule fun outings such as surfing and other outdoor activities for our male clientele. Featuring world-class amenities such as an upgraded kitchen, beautiful zig-zag staircase, private and semi-private bedrooms, lovely side yard and spacious backyard, the Hermosa House is quite the catch!

New Method Wellness separates men and women in their early stages of recovery to address the specific needs of each gender. In addition to eliminating distraction from the opposite sex, gender-specific addiction treatment is beneficial for a number of reasons. Research indicates that identifying risk factors of each gender increases the effectiveness of treatment and prevents relapse following treatment. Statistics show that men have the following risk factors:

Our clinical male staff members are on-site 24 hours a day to provide medical and therapeutic support for our clientele. Residential case managers arrange for transportation to and from scheduled commitments, and they schedule outings on the weekends so that our clients can enjoy the serene surroundings of Capistrano Beach, which affords plenty of opportunities for nature hikes, cultural sightings at historical monuments, sports activities at nearby parks, swimming and surfing. After detoxification, our clients receive New Method Wellness’s unique 2:1 ratio personalized treatment. Each client is paired with two addiction therapists, and services include:

To learn more or to schedule a tour of the Hermosa House, call +1 (866) 951-1824 to speak to our Outreach Coordinator!

+1 (866) 951-1824