beating alcohol this holiday season

Don’t Let This Holiday Season Be Your Last One

This year, AAA projects that 2017 will be the highest year-end travel volume on record, with 107.3 million Americans traveling by plane, train, or car for the holidays. Of the 107.3 million travelers, 97.4 million will be driving. More holiday travelers on the road means more potential for car accidents, especially with intoxicated drivers. Statistics from last year’s DUI report are not getting any better. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an average of 300 people died over the last five years in alcohol-impaired driving accidents between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Last year, drunk drivers claimed the lives of 781 victims. You can’t stop people from drinking and driving, but you can take some steps to ensure your own safety and the safety of your loved ones!

1. Avoid late-night driving. Especially after the New Year’s countdown, hundreds of drivers will be heading home after a party. Make arrangements to stay overnight, especially if you live far from the soiree. Stay at a loved one’s house or spend the night at a nearby hotel or Airbnb.

2. If you must drive, bring a friend who will help you stay awake in case you get tired. Make a pact not to drink so that you can take turns driving if you have a long trip ahead of you.

3. Are alcoholic beverages being served at the party? Bring your own non-alcoholic drink. When others see you holding a drink in your hand, they are less likely to offer you one.

4. Gauge the atmosphere. Ask the host if they are only serving alcohol or if plenty of non-alcoholic beverages will be served as well. If you are currently participating in an alcohol rehab program, it’s best to avoid situations where people are getting intoxicated left and right. Invite accountability by bringing a friend who will help you stay sober during the festivities.

5. Be selective about the company you keep. Are you going to see friends whom you used to party and drink with? Are you prepared to face any potential relapse triggers, and if so, what’s your backup plan? Bringing friends who know your commitment to abstain from drugs and alcohol will definitely help.

Need help coming up with a plan?

If you are the first among your friends and family to seek help for sobriety, you’ve come to the right place at New Method Wellness, a premier dual diagnosis treatment center based in Orange County. Are you sick and tired of being pulled over for DUIs? Our substance abuse counselors will be more than happy to help you get on the road to recovery and start fresh in 2018! They specialize in setting clients up for success by equipping them with coping strategies and skills to get through the holiday blues. New Method Wellness is the nation’s best addiction treatment center, serving clientele from all over the country and gaining recognition on nationwide platforms such as the Dr. Phil Show and A & E’s Intervention. Stay sober, safe and sound during this season. Happy Holidays from New Method Wellness!

Call 866.951.1824 to see how you can get through this joyous season without turning to alcohol!

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