Beautifully decorated house for our female clients


A luxurious setting for our female clientele, the Capo House is a beautifully decorated residence just a brisk walk from the ocean in a quaint coastal beach town. Our women’s sober facility is a two-story home managed by our female staff 24 hours a day. With private and semi-private rooms, televisions, ample lounging space, breath-taking ocean view, a comfy backyard, and a kitchen featuring beautiful marble countertops, the home provides a serene environment for substance abuse treatment.

Upon completion of detoxification, our female clients are placed in the Capo House, our women’s sober facility located in a beach community in South Orange County. Each of our luxury residential homes are geared toward meeting the unique needs of cultural and gender-specific groups, in which case New Method Wellness provides the most up-to-date research-based treatment to assist women in recovery.

Why does gender make a difference?

Research has shown important differences between men and women, and if the needs of each gender are addressed from the outset, there are noticeable results in treatment engagement and outcomes. Six patterns of substance abuse in women have been identified, and they are as follows:

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Our licensed addiction psychiatrists and board-certified substance abuse counselors work closely with our female clients in our women’s sober facility to develop personalized treatment plans for sustainable lifelong recovery. Our homes are located a safe distance away from distractions of the world in order to create a comfortable, nurturing environment conducive to social, emotional, mental, and physical growth and healing. Evidence-based clinical and holistic treatments are applied in all of our homes via individual and group counseling sessions.

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