Beautifully decorated house for our female clients


The Capo House is our women’s sober facility, providing a beautifully decorated residence for our female clients. Located just a brisk walk from the ocean in a quaint beach town on the coast, our women’s sober facility is prime real estate. Our two-story home is designated for our female clients and managed by our female staff 24 hours a day. With private and semi-private rooms equipped with TV’s and luxurious amenities, a kitchen with beautiful marble counter tops, ample lounging space, and a comfy backyard, our women’s sober facility provides a serene environment for substance abuse treatment. Upon completion of detoxification, our female clients are placed in the Capo House. We believe that gender separation during primary treatment is the most efficient means of ensuring a healthy start to sobriety. Our women’s sober facility staff ensure that our clients maintain positive communication and relationships within the house by scheduling ‘outings’ and bonding activities. To take a look into our women’s sober facility, check out our image gallery below!