4 best books on sobriety

4 Awesome Books on Sobriety

Literature is one of the most powerful tools in sobriety.

Literature allows us to access the experiences, strength, and hope of those who came before us.

From the early days of sobriety to, higher power permit, years down the road of our recovery journey, addiction/alcoholism literature can become a monumental pillar in the fight against our disease.

The following 4 books featured in this infographic have either been suggested to me by a fellow trudger or utilized in my personal recovery. Each book visits the depths of despair and hopelessness we feel as alcoholics/addicts in the midst of our disease but also presents glimpses of the freedom, happiness, and serenity of sobriety.

``Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.`` -CS Lewis
The Books

Dry: A Memoir 

Author: Augusten Burroughs

Synopsis: Augusten takes you on an imagery-filled tour of his life, through the pains and struggles of alcoholism and addiction. Though outwardly he looked fine, successful even, the internal pain was unbearable.

Drinking: A Love Story

Author: Caroline Knapp

Synopsis: Her first love, alcohol, plays a large role in the emotional downfall of Caroline Knapp. This novel delves into the world of an alcoholic love affair, the ups, the downs, the blackouts.

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety

Author: Scott Stevens

Synopsis: Relapse is a very scary reality for most alcoholics, whether in the early stages of recovery or in the midst of complacent sobriety. Scott Stevens starts an open conversation about the dangers of relapse, the signs of a rapid approach, and provides tools for preventing such overwhelming behavior.

12 Smart Things To Do When the Booze and Drugs are Gone: Choosing Emotional Sobriety Through Self-Awareness and Right Action

Author: Allen Berger

Synopsis: Once we put the bottle or drugs down, what do we do with our mind? How do we slow things down and develop life coping skills? Allen Berger provides a 12 step process of addressing emotional sobriety, from the start to the ongoing maintenance.

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