Like an insurance policy on your sobriety


At New Method Wellness, we place heavy emphasis on our extended aftercare program because we understand the powerful impact of continued support in the recovery journey. Sobriety is not a solitary endeavor; we support community engagement during primary treatment, why would we stop there?

Our extended aftercare program starts immediately upon completion of primary treatment and continues for as long as the client desires. Our New Method Wellness alumni keep coming back! We have dozens of former clients with years of sobriety who come back to share their experience and hope with our current clients.

We have an active social media community designated specifically for alumni to maintain anonymity while engaging with their New Method Wellness peers. In addition to social media, we have ‘Alumni Thursdays’ where clients who have completed their treatment are invited to participate in group therapy, spend time with their former counselors, and check-in with their favorite staff members.

Counselors are available to schedule appointments with alumni for progress check-in’s, crisis management, and more. We truly believe that getting clean and sober is a tremendous accomplishment. Extended aftercare is like an insurance policy on your sobriety, and we believe that you deserve this chance at a happy life.