New Method Wellness is honored to introduce the new Capo House location! Designed with the busy professional in mind, the Capo House will offer a curated and highly customized setting to embark on your journey towards recovery.  Featuring six private bedrooms and baths, comfortable and spacious interiors, the Capo House has become the newest addition to the New Method Wellness program of excellence.


For more information on the Capo House, please contact us Contact Us or call 866.951.1824

New Method Wellness Capo House Living Room
New Method Wellness Capo House Dining Room
New Method Wellness Capo House Bedroom
New Method Wellness Capo Living Room

Bring Serenity and Ease To Your Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment

We aim to make the transition into this new chapter of your life as inviting as possible. For that reason, we have designed our Executive drug and alcohol treatment center to provide you with the privacy and security that you need during this momentous time.

This modern-designed home is spacious and filled with light. We bring elements of the outdoors in with large windows and greenery. The interior is decorated with bright splashes of color and creative artwork that adds an uplifting element to the environment.

We want you to focus on your health and well-being while you’re here. Therefore, we have created this minimalist space with organization, comfort, and ease in mind.

Commune in the ample, open concept kitchen while connecting with some of your peers, or relax in the private garden, enjoying the cleaning breeze of the Pacific. When you’re participating in our drug and alcohol detox treatment, you’ll be treated like an individual. We pride ourselves on providing personalized care for everyone in our “family.”

Take Advantage of Customized Care

At New Method Wellness, we offer a 3-to-1 staff-to-client ratio. We want to make sure that our guests are taken care of throughout the day. Capo House and our other residential treatment facilities make you feel like you’re at home, but you have access to professional care 24 hours a day.

We offer a wide range of treatment options because we know that what works for one individual may not be effective for another. We will tailor a plan that’s ideal for your needs.

We approach treatment from a dual diagnosis standpoint dealing with mental health issues and substance abuse behavior. This is one of the keys to lasting recovery.

Some of our methods include:

• Individualized therapy using evidence-based approaches
• Family therapy
• Addiction psychiatry
• Solution-focused therapy
• Process groups

If you’re looking for an Executive Rehab Center, you might be interested in some of the approaches that make us different than many addiction treatment centers, including:

Wolf therapy
Art therapy
Yoga therapy
Surf therapy
Sand tray therapy
and much more…

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